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Cruises to the Glaciers of Chilean Patagonia


Central Offices:
Augusto Leguía Norte 118.
Las Condes. Santiago

Marketing Rep Europe:

Michel L´Huillier

T: +56 2 477 1900
F: +56 2 232 2269

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Skorpios Cruises is a family corporation, pioneer in the shipping tourism in Chile with over thirty five years of experience taking tourists to the Patagonian Northern Ice Field, and, since 2003, to the glaciers of the Patagonian Southern Ice Field.

Our two regular programmes include the Chonos Route, aboard M/V Skorpios II, a 5 nights programme sailing on Saturdays from Puerto Montt and visiting San Rafael Glacier, Quitralco Fjord and Chiloé Island, and the Kaweskar Route, aboard M/V Skorpios III, a 3 nights programme sailing on Tuesdays and Fridays from Puerto Natales and visiting up to 14 glaciers, including Amalia and El Brujo, and spectacular Las Montañas and Calvo Fjords.

Skorpios Cruises is also proficient organizing group tours and incentives, field on which the company counts with more than ten years of experience.

  • image Glaciar Capitan Constantino.jpgCaptain Constantino Icebraker at Calvo Fjord
  • image Suite Master.jpgSuite at M/V Skorpios III
  • image Glaciar El Brujo.jpgVisit to El Brujo Glacier
  • image San Rafael Glacier.jpgM/V Skorpios II at San Rafael Glacier
  • image Puerto Aguirre.jpgMoraleda Channel and Port Aguirre