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Letter from the President

There are many travel companies out there eager to plan a trip for you.  So why pick Yampu? The most important is that Yampu is run by real people with a scrapbook full of past travels. Our travel consultants have been to, and fallen in love with, the places where you will travel. We have an entire team of operations to make sure that everything goes according to plan. This is your vacation, and we leave no margin for error. It's not only our job but our passion to provide you a chance to love it as much as we do.

My name is José Irauzqui, President of Yampu Tours. Born in Peru, I traveled from a very young age with my parents around Latin America.  I later went to boarding school in Switzerland and traveled extensively around Europe and Asia.  In 1990 I earned my law degree in the UK and went back to Peru until 1998 when I met Monica, my future wife and co-founder of Yampu, during a trip to New York.  Due to the political and social unrest in Peru, my parents had not allowed me to travel around Peru, so my first trip with her was to Machu Picchu. It turned out to be a life-changing experience.  We got married and moved to New York, shortly after I created our travel website. The rest is history.

            In 2016, we will be celebrating our 17th year of planning exciting and beautiful trips to Latin America.  We were honored to receive the awards for “South America’s Leading Tour Operator” for the past six years and as Mexico and Central America's Leading Tour Operator for the past two years. We've also been nominated for “World’s Leading Tour Operator” six years in a row.  We have also expanded our range of destinations to cover Africa, India and South East Asia.   Our decision to expand to different continents generated directly from our loyal clients who continually asked us to provide a similar Yampu experience in other destinations. 

            Traveling abroad is not only fun, but can also be socially responsible.  In an effort to promote Sustainability and Eco-tourism, Yampu has developed new partnerships and created many sustainable programs to various countries. These tours allow you to visit popular destinations, minimizing your carbon footprint and leaving behind only amazing memories.  You can also give back to the local communities in a variety of ways, please see page 59 for more information.

            In order to ensure that our programs are up to date, a member of our team travels every few months to our various destinations to do quality checks on our hotels and guides and explore new routes. This ensures that the quality of our service is maintained to the high standards our clients have come to expect from Yampu.  Monica and I usually travel with our two children, Pablo, who is now 17, and Carolina, 14. They both write blogs for the company and help out at the office in their spare time. We want you to know that there are real people behind the service that Yampu provides. 

Welcome to Yampu!


José Irauzqui



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