LATA Health and Safety

LATA co-ordinates a Health and Safety scheme in Latin America on behalf of its members, whose aim is to increase standards of safety throughout Latin America. We monitor both transport providers and hotels. Grades include Green, through Yellow (some concerns), to Red (serious concerns).

Summary of results

133 transport suppliers are helping us monitor transportation standards.

1618 hotels have been nominated for audit. Of these the results so far are as follows:

Status Hotels
Green 966
Yellow 27
Red 15

If you are a hotelier, and believe you should be involved with our scheme, please contact LATA either directly or through a LATA tour operator or ground agent. Once an audit of your hotel has been requested by one of our members our consultant will contact you.

Our system is based on a self-audit questionnaire sent to hoteliers, and subsequent expert analysis of their response. While we consider this a sensible first step it is of course not 100% foolproof. If you have concerns about the safety of a particular property do feel free to contact us.