Welcome to the most diverse destination on the planet...

No matter what your travel tastes are, Latin America has something for you. Looking for jungles? Central America has enormous swathes of cloud forest, packed with thousands of multicoloured birds and strange creatures. Prefer mountains? Head to the Andes for a lung-popping high-altitude trek in Peru or a scenic stroll through the Chilean foothills. The coastline has endless possibilities, from untouched Caribbean islands off the coast of Colombia or Honduras to the catwalks of Brazil's Copacabana beach. When it comes to water, Latin America is full of superlatives: the Amazon is the world's largest river system with tributaries running through six countries; marvel at Venezuela's Angel Falls - the world's highest drop, or head into the blue wilderness of Antarctica - the biggest mass of ice on the planet.

Our members offer a route to discovering these gems, with accommodation options ranging from velvet-lined luxury to threadbare hammocks. They are the experts, so take advantage of their in-depth knowledge on everything from lost cities, Jesuit missions, fortresses and palaces to the best places to try out the samba, or sample a drop of the best vintages.

Latin America has something for everyone - and we hope that this site, and the people it represents, will inspire you to discover more.

You can view our latest Guide to Latin America, a colourful and useful round-up of country facts, holiday ideas, and a directory of members who can help you get there.

For information on LATA's flagship event Experience Latin America 2016, Europe's only travel trade show dedicaded to Latin America, visit www.experiencelatinamerica.co.uk

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